The Wisecare Nutrition Program with Susan Whelan MS, RD, LD & Dr Aidoo M.D. MPH.

My Care Place is proud to announce The Wisecare Nutrition Program, our diet and nutrition program with Susan Whelan and Dr. Ahmed Aidoo. This program will create a better healthy lifestyle for you, giving you a great feeling every morning.

Have you tried fad diets, meal replacement programs and commercial weight loss programs with disappointing results? What kind of diet should I follow? Let us help you in creating a healthy lifestyle.

Low fat high carbohydrates low carbohydrates, no carbohydrates. Which foods do you eat and in what amounts? Never worry again about how much protein, carbohydrate and fat is needed. When you deprive yourself of food, metabolic rates slow down and muscle is broken down quickly to fuel the body. The Wisecare Nutrition program will provide the correct amount of food for your muscle mass and you should never go to bed hungry again.

The Wisecare Nutrition Program is based on your calorie requirements to efficiently burn fat and increase lean muscle mass. No more cravings and hunger in between meals. By following your Wisecare Nutrition Program you'll concentrate on managing your blood sugar, be able to manage appetite and cravings, and you will not be counting calories. The program is designed so you do not deprive yourself of food; deplete lean muscle mass, and slow down the body's metabolism like most crash diets.

Please Remember, The WiseCare Nutrition Program is a Lifestyle, Not a Diet. We believe in living a healthy nutritious life.